Lectures & Seminars

28 November 2014

One of the additions to the Global Superyacht Forum in 2013 was the introduction of Breakout-sessions and more focussed meetings on very specific subjects. On 18 November 2014 a panel consisting of Superyacht lawyers Tim Schommer (Ince & Co, Hamburg), Ed Harley (Foster Pepper, Seattle), Arnold J. van Steenderen (Van Steenderen MainportLawyers, Rotterdam) and John Leonida (Clyde & Co, London) was formed to take legal questions from the audience and debate hot Superyacht topics.

28 November 2014

Lecture 'Shipbuilding...gone wrong (how can we avoid disputes)'

27 November 2014 at KNVTS, department Rotterdam

Speaker: Arnold J. van Steenderen


22 September 2014

The IMLS has taken place annually in London the past eight years and it has grown from a small seminar to one of the most widely anticipated and heavily attended London market legal seminars with attendance of more than 250 London Insurance and Maritime Law specialists. Charlotte van Steenderen of our firm will address De-bunkering in the Netherlands. The seminar is free of charge, but on invitation only. This year we will have 15 speakers from 14 countries (two from the US), addressing recent developments in Maritime Law within their respective jurisdictions.

11 December 2013

On 26th September 2013 the International Maritime Law Seminar took place in London. Van Steenderen MainportLawyers hosted the seminar together with 14 other law firms from different jurisdictions in North and South America, Europe and Asia. This year’s topic was “Recent Developments in Maritime Law: A Multi-Jurisdictional Perspective”, with presentations on recent case law, newly adopted maritime codes and developments in the relevant maritime markets. 

16 October 2012

Gwangyang Korea 2012

Our firm recognises the value of legal education for the shipping and logistics professional and we are a dedicated partner of the Netherlands Maritime University, part of the Dutch 'Scheepvaart en Transport College'. Since 2008 Jasper Groen contributed to the Master Shipping & Transport law programme, not only by developing the module on Shipping, Trade and Transportation Law, but also by taking an active role as a teacher in the Master programme, lastly in October in Gwangyang, Korea.

16 October 2012

On 3 October 2012 a Port Infrastructure Session was held by the IBA Maritime Committee. The topic was the operation of public and private ports within several jurisdictions with the port of Rotterdam as “gateway to Europe” and landlord-model as benchmark. Several aspects of privatization as well as the concept of governmental concessions and lease-contracts were discussed.

16 October 2012

On 27th September 2012 Van Steenderen MainportLawyers hosted together with 14 other law firms from different jurisdictions the International Maritime Law Seminar. This year’s topic was Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Decisions”, with focus on several sub-topics including arbitration awards and court judgments, resolutions, interim orders and measures, security, mortgages, and insolvency proceedings.