Workshop 26 June 2015: Good Faith obligations in Contract

Workshop 26 June 2015: Good Faith obligations in Contract

Arnold van Steenderen
29 June 2015

The question has arisen whether the English High Court in the case of Yam Seng Pte Limited -v- International Trade Corporation Limited [2013] EWHC 111 (QB) has demonstrated willingness to imply a duty of good faith as a general principle. Jan M. van Dunné, Professor of Law Emeritus of the Rotterdam Erasmus University, is a keen follower of developments in English Contract Law and upon his initiative a workshop was held on 26 June 2015 in Rotterdam to address the differences and similarities of Civil Law and Common Law in regard to Good faith. A presentation was given by the following speakers:

Jan M. van Dunné:   Acceptance of Good faith as a general rule of Contract Law on the British Isles

Rieme-Jan  Tjittes:   Have Good faith obligations been accepted in English Contract Law?

Sean Conway:   ‘Good faith’ in international contracts as seen by a US attorney

Arnold van Steenderen:   Practical notes in regard to Good faith in international contracts

Jurriaan Kien:   The role of Good faith as seen by a French lawyer

Worth reading: On a Clear Day, You can see the Continent by Jan van Dunné in: 31 Construction Law Journal, 2015-1, p. 3-25, pp. 8-18